When people play golf, a lot of people are under the impression that people hit the links for sports reasons. They think that they are looking to get a good score, they think that they are looking to win and beat the competition.

While there’s a lot of that going on, there are 5 key non-sports related reasons why people hit the links. Believe it or not, there are many types of people that play golf and not all of them are fixated on competition. Not all of them are fanatical about the sport.

Now, this does not necessarily mean that they are less worthy golf players, but it really would help for you to become fully aware of the wide range of reasons why people hit the greens and play golf. By maybe understanding their motivations, you can play better golf with them.

Maybe you would be able to see eye to eye. Maybe you will be able to interact with them at a much higher level. Regardless, knowing “why” really enables you to pack a lot more value in the process of knowing what and how to do.


One common reason why people play golf is that they get some level of exercise. Keep in mind that the more you walk on the golf course, the more exercise you get.

Now, this is the preferred way of doing things. Ideally speaking, with everything else being equal, this is how you should do things.

Unfortunately, life being what it is, there are all sorts of contingencies out there. Maybe you’re running out of time. Maybe the golf course is so huge that it doesn’t really make much sense to walk.

Still, a lot of people get a tremendous amount of exercise walking, at least part of the way, when they are playing the typical golf course. It really all depends on how big the golf course as well as how it is set up.


Even if you suck as a golf player and you can’t, for the life of you, hit the ball, you can still benefit tremendously from this sport. That’s right. Seriously. True story.

How? Relaxation.

Now, a lot of people are probably rolling their eyes. A lot of people are probably thinking, “Yeah, right, relaxation. Why would somebody adopt a very expensive sport just to relax? After all, you can relax drinking some lemonade in your backyard in your underwear. That’s relaxation.

“You can hit the beach, or you can get some rays at the beach side. Why do you have to spend a few thousand dollars on a set of golf clubs, paying some good money to access the nearest golf course? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Well, it may not make sense for some people, but a lot of people like to relax with a tremendous amount of greenery and with some sort of structure. Even if you suck at golf and you have to swing several times at that ball just to move it, you may get the kind of relaxation and mental release that you need to feel recharged.

The awesome thing about life is that everybody’s solution, at some level or another, is just as valid as everybody else’s. So different strokes, as they say, for different folks.

Connect with Nature

The great thing about hiking is that you’re able to reconnect with nature on so many different levels.

It’s very easy to see nature outside of you. When you look around you and there’s a lot of greenery, you feel fresh. You feel challenged. You feel a deep and profound sense of inner calm.

But, believe it or not, when you are hiking, camping or otherwise communing with nature through physical activity, you are actually reconnecting with nature inside of you.

Usually, people look at this as an inside-out kind of thing. They’re looking out to the world and nature is located around them.

Well, nature is also locked within you. You are, after all, a natural organism, regardless of how seemingly artificial your everyday world may be.

This is the kind of fact that is lost on too many people. They keep thinking that they just need to go to a certain place for them to feel recharged and reconnected. Little do they know that part of the reason why this happens in the first place is because they are reconnecting with an inner natural space.

When you play golf, you trigger both levels of natural interconnectivity. You get recharged when you walk several hundred yards playing around in an endless sea of green.

But you also get recharged internally. Your mind is set at ease when you commune with the part of yourself that is raw, natural, unpolished and, at some level or another, primitive. There is no shame in that game.

By reconnecting with that part of yourself, a lot of the other things in your life actually starts falling into place, and this applies across the board.


Golf’s ability to get business deals going is renowned. This is not a secret. In fact, people have known about this for quite some time. In fact, there are many business networking groups that make it a point to set up golf dates among members so people can identify opportunities that they can share and work on business deals.

Believe or not, a lot of the biggest business deals that ever happened in the United States first started as wild ideas on a golf course. It’s not uncommon for companies to be bought and sold because a CEO of one company walked onto the golf game of another CEO. This happens all the time, and at the root of this, of course, is socialization.

Business Networking

The other part of socialization is business networking. Now, you may be thinking that these are one and the same. No, they’re not.

Socialization means people have their guards down. I may be the CEO of a multibillion dollar multinational company, but when I’m on the golf course, I may have my guard down.

So when you come up to me and we shoot the bull, we may be able to open all sorts of business opportunities. It may even include the sale or purchase of a company. This happens all the time. But it all boils down to socialization.

Business networking, on the other hand, is more deliberate. People go to the golf course with the deliberate intent of networking for business purposes.

Believe it or not, the more intentional you are when it comes to business contacts, the less dramatic your results become. I’m not saying that you won’t get any results whatsoever, but often times, you get the name of a low level person.

Because when you’re socializing and you really don’t have anything you’re obviously shooting for, people have their guard down. They’re more likely to cut a bigger deal. That’s just my observation.