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As I mentioned in the “About” page for this website, this website is actually a compilation of the many notes that I have put together over the years. These notes are hard won. What do I mean by hard won? Basically, I would get ripped off, and I would take notes of my experience, and then come up with a solution. I would research really legit products based on my experience. That’s what I meant by “hard won.”

If you’re looking for such materials, you only need to look at the huge number of golf resource sites that basically litter the internet. They’re all over the place and they’re causing all sorts of problems. Well, I decided to become part of the solution instead of being afflicted with the problem. With that said, I need your help. Since this website is essentially just a publication of all my random notes throughout the years, there are sure to be rough spots.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out or to become aware that there are rough edges to this website. After all, it’s based on notes. So do me a big favor, if you think that a page needs some sort of diagram or needs some sort of graphic or picture so it can be easier to read, let me know. If you’ve been reading paragraph after paragraph and you’re having a tough time following the information, let me know as well.